Premature Ejaculation and Tao Sexual
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Premature Ejaculation and Tao Sexual Testimonies
Everybody here have agreed on publishing their testimonies in our site, as we also hope you do at any time.
“ reading Tao Sexual I understood that the solution for premature ejaculation goes beyond pills and lotions. For long I have tried to control my ejaculations by making use of gellys and other kinds of pills... obviously despite of having wasted a lot of money, I never got a solution. Thanks to this eastern method I can control any over-excitement and thus feel free to choose when to ejaculate....”

Jorge, España (36)
“My name is Dr. Manuel Lampert, sexologist in France. I would like to make a comment in your site I feel you should know there is a similar therapy known as Yoga Tronu. For more than 5 years and a half, we have implemented this Hindi method in our two week treatments ...”

Note: Yes, Dr. Manuel Lambert, we are aware of the “Tronu” method as well as many others which are based on the Tao Sexual method.
“...My main problem in every sexual relation I had was the fear of failing again. This made my sexual desires disappear completely for long, until one day I realized that this could not be possible for a 19-year old boy. Convinced and decided to put an end to my problem of premature ejaculation I went to a sexologist who introduced me to this eastern method. As I was finishing my book I started to laugh since I could not believe how this sexual problem was so simple to solve. I run out of his office with the idea that I was going to gain control over my ejaculations by my next sexual relation. Exactly 8 days later I could test my knowledge, and thanks to the self-confidence Tao Sexual had given to me, I could decide when the right time to ejaculate was....”

Armando, USA (19)
Hi, my name ‘s Alejandro and my mail is I believe that the most valuable of Tao Sexual is the self-confidence this method boosts. Right from the start I felt myself able to control the sensation of ejaculating sneaking up on me. The most important aspect to overcome premature ejaculation is feeling self-confident and sure. Tao Sexual is the key to this.

Alejandro, Mexico (24)
Don’t expect a magic recipe to control P.M.. The equation is easy... ejaculations take place when you reach the climax of excitement or over-excitement, as Tao Sexual says. If you don’t over excite, you ‘ll never ejaculate. It is important that you know how to control these peaks of premature excitement”

Angel, Venezuela. (34)
“My premature ejaculation problem was exasperating. If my penis was in contact with the vagina only 30 minutes were enough for me to ejaculate. Every time I tried again, I ejaculated in a shorter time. For this reason I decided to break up with my partner and felt it was impossible to satisfy her sexually. However it was her who surfing in the Internet found the Tao Sexual method... eventually she convinced me to test it. I’ve never imagined that the solution to my problem was so at hand. A few days later we met again and that time I could control my wishes to ejaculate for approximately 20 minutes. Thanks to Tao Sexual I gained self-confidence in later relations, until today I can control my ejaculations for the time I want. If you want I let you publish my e-mail in case any people want to know a bit more about my experience.”

Mauro, Argentina (28)
“I considered myself as a woman victim of this sexual disorder. My husband, who I’ve loved for more than 8 years now, could overcome his lack of control in ejaculations”

Sandra N, (45)
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