Premature Ejaculation and Tao Sexual
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Premature Ejaculation and Tao Sexual Frequently asked question
Is Tao sexual a really effective treatment against premature ejaculation?
Yes. More than 40 years of History back TAO SEXUAL, apart from being a completely natural method within everybody’s reach.
Thanks to PH. Alexander Takara, TAO SEXUAL has been widespread in Western countries and used by million people of different ages for the last decade, in order to find a solution to their problem, getting excellent results, today not yet superseded by other methods. TAO SEXUAL is nowadays labeled as one of the most effective treatments against premature ejaculation and as the only one that is definite.
Which are the foundations of  TAO SEXUAL?
This Eastern technique as many others, is based on the control of the mind over the body. Just use some of TAO’s techniques to achieve your aims.
When can you succeed in having results?
In most cases, one week is enough to appreciate a substantial improvement, whereas in other cases the result can be obtained in the first sexual relation when TAO SEXUAL is applied, but the total results are reached with the 14-day program. In spite of this, it is necessary to make it clear that this is not a miracle; you have to make an effort and take your time to read TAO SEXUAL and meditate on it in order to understand its basis and foundations, to be able to practice it in the right way. Do not forget it merely depends on this that you could enjoy “SEIO OIDUC”.
We know that many other treatments promise results without any kind of effort. We can not assure you such a thing, but we can guarantee that you will definitely solve your problem and you will be able to enjoy the sexual life you have always dreamt of, if you work conscientiously using concentration, breathing and relaxation techniques described in TAO SEXUAL.
What is the difference with other treatments against premature ejaculation?
Most treatments that are used nowadays, are based on the application of creams, desensitizers, rings of pressure, drugs, etc, which are neither natural nor do they warrant results.
The fundamental difference is that TAO SEXUAL teaches you to see, understand and live sexuality from a totally different point of view, focusing on pleasure and not on ejaculation, in the control of the mind over the body but not vice versa. TAO SEXUAL is a totally natural method based on the control of the mind over the body without jeopardizing our organism in any way, and reaching a definite solution.
Once initiated into TAO SEXUAL your sexuality will never be the same again.
What is an e-book?
It is the fastest, most modern and economical way of sending and getting information; an e-book is a “book”. Instead of receiving a book in your house, you will get the e-book or “electronic book” in your e-mail inbox. In this way you could read it from your computer, print it, file it in a floppy disk, etc.
What is a personal identification code? (ID)
When you place an order, you get a code, by which our team will identify you as a customer, in order to answer first and foremost any doubt or querry you could have. We get many daily consultations and otherwise it would be impossible for us to answer all of them in a reasonable time. Besides if for any reason you loose the e-book you will just have to contact us and ask it to be sent again, attaching such number.
How do I place on order?
By credit card; this operation is made trough the company Click Bank. To use this way of payment, press the button "ORDER" in the order section.
Is it safe to buy by my credit card?
Definitely. To make sales through credit cards, we count with the safest transaction service, supplied by, a company that warrants a total security and confidentiality as regards information. Besides, you also count with warrants offered by your own credit card and by the bank you operate with. Your purchase will be 100% safe and confidential.
How will it appear in my credit card statement?
In order to preserve the privacy of our customers, orders placed by credit card will only be charged under the word “CLKBANK*COM”.
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