Premature Ejaculation and Tao Sexual
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The greatest eastern secret to overcome premature ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation and Tao Sexual Tao Sexual is nowadays the principal eastern method applied to solve problems of premature ejaculation definitely.

Alexander Takara, Professor of sexual desorders in San Diego University and
master of TAO SEXUAL.
The natural solution is possible
  • History: For more then 4000 years, Tao sexual was considered in the East as the way to live sex to the full. Since its dark and veiled origins, numerous emperors, courtiers, warriors and men of the eastern culture have been trained in this method so as to reach “SEIO OIDUC” or “PERFECT SEX”.
  • SEIO OIDUC: In TAO teachings, SEIO OIDUC” or “PERFECT SEX” is considered as that relation where the sexual act lasts for hours or even days, detaching lovers from all sensations strange to their bodies and keeping them in an almost perpetual ecstasy.
  • Efficiency: TAO SEXUAL teachings are nowadays regarded in the East as a highly effective treatment against premature ejaculation. Though many are the men who learn TAO SEXUAL just to extend the length of their sexual relations, ecstasy and their partner’s ecstasy.
TAO SEXUAL teachings will put in your hands a set of teachings and tools that will allow you to gain total control of your mind over your body’s sexual function in the short term and without effort, opening the doors to a world of erotism and pleasure you have never imagined before.

Since ancient times TAO teachers have taught that the use sexual energy is linked with vitality, mental sharpness, vigorous health, personal magnetism, and the ability to extend life beyond its ordinary limits. These sexual practices are an essential tool to ease the tension, control your body and let l forces of nature flow through it.

Different to other treatments, neither does it need long periods nor help from a partner.Just follow these simple instructions and you will be able to keep much longer, passionate and pleasant sexual encounters, reaching sexual plenitude and giving your partner the maximum pleasure.

In the 1990’s, Tao Sexual was presented in more than 85 countries, taking part in 122 conferences about male sexual health. It was recognized by the World Masculine Health Organization as one of the five most efficient treatments of these times against premature ejaculation; and in September 2000, Tao Sexual was awarded with the prestigious Carl-Zeiss to Discovery.

XVII Conferencia Mundial de la Salud Sexual Masculina. Berlín, Alemania. XVII Masculine Sexual Health World Conference, Berlin, Germany.
The necessity of controlling the climax. The necessity of controlling the climax
Tao Sexual enables man to keep the appropriate rhythm in a sexual act, avoiding a premature ejaculation and making it possible for him to indefinitely enjoy the ecstasy prior to climax.

Tao Sexual will provide you with all the necessary information for you to understand how the mind can control the body in the ejaculating process.

As soon as you understand how the mind controls the body in the ejaculating process and learn to gain control of your body, your premature ejaculation problem will disappear forever.

“... many treatments are aimed to control premature ejaculation by manipulating the penis itself. Tao sexual method allowed me to understand that the control of mind over body is absolute, and that ejaculation and orgasm are not inseparable...”
José, Puerto Rico
"Nowadays I find it easier to control my ejaculations. I no longer suffer from the peaks of excitement that usually forced me to ejaculate. Now I can focus on the moment, enjoy it and store it up, since I no longer think permanently about ejaculating"
Tao Sexual and mental control. Tao Sexual and mental control
Tao sexual is based on the control of the mind over the body to get the perfect sex or “SEIO OIDUC”. In SEIO OIDUC, the man must not only be able to control ejaculations but also to get multiorgasms without ejaculating.

One of the keys to Tao Sexual is the evident differentiation between ejaculation and orgasm. Not only does this treatment have as an objective to control premature ejaculations but also to enable man to have several orgasms during a sexual encounter without having the necessity to ejaculate.

Note: It is believed that only the woman is able to have several orgasms in a single sexual relation. Tao Sexual teaches that man can also develop multi-orgasms without ejaculating.
Without pills or creams Without pills or creams
Drugs, Creams, Rings....
Nowadays there is a market for pharmaceutical industries that is enriched by the demand of pills and lotions to treat this sexual disorder. This market’s real business is to manufacture drugs and creams which do not offer permanent solutions and so, man is forced to depend on them forever.

Note: Tao Sexual’s results are permanent. Once you have read Tao sexual, you will understand how it is possible to control ejaculations from one day to another.
Tao sexual is not a miracle Tao sexual is not a miracle
Most men introduced to Tao Sexual agree that this method is not merely a miracle, the truth is that it simply allows another approach to sexuality, opposite to the Western approach; an approach that flows from the mind to the body but not viceversa. This enables us to understand how the ejaculatory process is developed and how it can be mastered by the mind.

“... I bought Tao Sexual in views to find something new, techniques that could enable me to control my ejaculations. The truth is that as soon as you start practicing it you realize it is something completely natural and very logical, which leads me to think in the reason for our mistaken concept of sex, and why Tao Sexual is not widespread in the West...”
Oscar, Florida-USA.
Just one objective
The only aim of Tao Sexual is helping you reach sexual plenitude. We promise you will be able to master your ejaculations in double-quick time.

Apart from this only objective Tao Sexual’s practice will enable you to develop other techniques like multi-orgasm, which is not its main aim.

The main objective is to put an end to premature ejaculation, definitely

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